Checking git repo integrity

Posted: 2014-04-08 16:31:03 by Alasdair Keyes

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I was merging in code changes to my Dev VM this afternoon and I hit a rather nasty issue; I ran out of space on the virtual disk....

It wasn't difficult to sort the space issue, I created another disk in vmware and added it into the VM and used LVM/resizefs to increase the space available to the filesystem at which point I had plenty of space left to play with (I love LVM!).

Git status showed a list of modified files under the "Changes not staged for commit" section and a git diff off these files showed that they all had their content removed.

Not knowing what to do with my repo, I reversed the changed files with

$ git checkout -- file1 file2 ...

And then just merged in the chages again, this appeared to work but I wanted to be sure that nothing else had broken deeper in git.

I discovered the 'git fsck' command which took about 5 minutes to run and didn't show up any errors.

$ git fsck --full --strict 

All looks good. A useful command to remember.

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