Mozilla Observatory - How safe is your site

Posted: 2017-04-14 22:41:29 by Alasdair Keyes

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Someone on the Nottingham Linux User Group posted about Mozilla Observatory today.

If you're a developer/sysadmin for any website it's worth checking out. It checks the security HTTP headers that your site returns and grades it accordingly.

I was getting a B this afternoon and after a crash course in Referrer Policy and Content Security Policy I managed to get it up to an A+.

My site doesn't accept user posted content so the XSS security this provides isn't too important, however if your site does accept user submitted content, then it really is critical that you implement this. XSS is still one of the most common WebApp vulnerabilities, and if you can force the browser to help limit the damage it means you can worry less about any bugs that creep into your code.

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