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Posted: 2016-03-14 10:39:58 by Alasdair Keyes

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Over the weekend I finished migrating all my servers to being managed by a PuppetMaster. Some of these servers were quite old (One is over 5 years old, so forcing it's management into Puppet when it has lots of customisation and idiosynchrocies was a little nerve-wracking... thankfully all went well!

Now that everything is all under control, I wanted to ensure that Puppet was working correctly and nothing was getting left behind an errors weren't silently going un-noticed. There are a number of Puppet-centric tools that do this, but I didn't really want the extra Puppet functionality. Since I already monitor my systems with Nagios, I thought a simple Plugin would be useful.

With that, I've just released the first version of nagios-plugin-check_puppet_run

The core functionality is just to report the last run, the number of resources and the number of changes and any errors generated on the last run.

OK: Successes:0 Failures:0 Last Run:Mon Mar 14 10:10:41 2016 Version:3.7.2 Changes:0 Resources:44
WARNING: Successes:0 Failures:1 Last Run:Mon Mar 14 10:10:41 2016 Version:3.7.2 Changes:0 Resources:44

The script checks the Puppet last run summary file /var/lib/puppet/state/last_run_summary.yaml rather than other plugins that check if the Puppet service is running, this way, you can execute puppet by Cron/Daemon and still get a valid result on your Puppet install.

If you found this useful, please feel free to donate via bitcoin to 1NT2ErDzLDBPB8CDLk6j1qUdT6FmxkMmNz

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