Sprechen sie Deutsch?

Posted: 2013-02-06 23:13:46 by Alasdair Keyes

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Nein :(

But I'm learning, in a break from my computer related antics, I've started learning German. I've always found myself fairly comfortable with maths and logic, but languages have always been beyond my grasp. My French has always been shady, I usually end up telling someone that their Grandmother uses a Rubik's cube in a manner other than intended. There's just no logic to languages.... I mean, how are you supposed to remember the difference between masculine and feminine nouns and which conjugation of verb to use, quite frankly, I have no idea what that is in English.

But then I heard about http://duolingo.com, it's a website that teaches you various languages from the beginning. It teaches very brief sentences and then asks you to translate, both to and from English and also allows you to speak it and grades your performance. New words are slowly introduced and I apparently know 29 words in German.... dies ist gut, ja?

Obviously you may wish to learn another language, but even after just a few days, spending 30 minutes in the evening I can start to speak some simple German sentences, I can't recommend it highly enough.

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