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Posted: 2016-08-28 13:51:25 by Alasdair Keyes

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Over the past week, I've been trying to move towards using an IDE for my personal projects. I use PHPStorm at work, however I would like to use Open Source at home. I like the power of VIM, but sometimes I feel like I'm being held back by not utilising the full functionality available on a dedicated IDE. I've been doing a bit of testing and I quite like Github's Atom IDE.

There's more than enough posts about what's good and bad with it, I won't rehash it. However I do like the extensibility of it, having installed a number of packages to provide extra functionality. In keeping with being able to set up my machines from a fresh install with Puppet.. The following puppet snippet will install atom and the required packages from the $apm_packages array.

Due to the use of the puppet "each" function you will need to run this with the future parser option puppet apply --parser=future puppet_file.pp

$apm_packages = [

$my_system_user = "bill";

file { "personal_atom_package_folder":
  path      => "/home/$my_system_user/.atom/packages/",
  ensure    => "directory",
  require   => Package["atom"],

each($apm_packages) |$package_name| {

  exec { "apm_$package_name":
    path        => [ "/usr/bin", "/bin" ],
    command     => "apm install $package_name",
    creates     => "/home/$my_system_user/.atom/packages/$package_name",
    user        => $my_system_user,
    environment => ["HOME=/home/$my_system_user"],
    require     => Package["atom"],

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